We can offer immediate quotes and cover for existing medical conditions with special knowledge of persons with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis.

crohns disease travel insurance-iconMany Colitis & Crohn’s Disease sufferers struggle to find Travel Insurance which provides Medical Expenses cover for their condition particularly if they have suffered a recent flare up or undergone treatment in the last few years.

Stephen Hopwood, director at Whitefield Insurance, has suffered from Crohn’s for over 35 years and is fully aware of the challenges the disease presents in trying to lead a “normal” life. Travelling abroad presents particular obstacles and arranging the correct travel insurance is vital. There are many Travel insurance packages that appear to offer bespoke cover for Crohn’s & Colitis but are in fact suited to other general medical conditions. Specialist knowledge and experience of the condition is bound to help in selecting the most appropriate product.

Whitefield Insurance can provide expert assistance by asking the relevant questions and give an immediate decision.

There are many complications associated with Crohn’s and Colitis, which are conditions with no cure and no definitive cause. Ongoing problems can vary immensely from person to person and obtaining the appropriate Travel Insurance can be difficult. Whitefield Insurance can give advice and help over the phone if necessary due to our expert knowledge of the condition.

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